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The NY Times online has redesigned and it looks pretty spiffy. The Editor in Chief blogs…I mean talks about the changes. It’s pretty clear that major media is done with resolutions smaller than 1024×768. CNN.com redesigned a couple of weeks ago and now the NY Times. Generally speaking, it’s clearly a nod to better semantic based markup and CSS. It’s also a clear acknowledgement of the power of blogs as a force. The site is sprinked with blog-ish characteristics (Anil Dash has more on that).

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  1. Avi Flax

    It’s still table-based HTML 4. I like the design, and while the content may have a current feel (i.e. bloggy), the front-end technology isn’t especially current.
    I’m not saying it isn’t better – it certainly is. But it’s not exactly XHTML 1.1 with microformats or anything. I can understand why, though. For their business, the benefits of cutting-edge web technology would probably be fuzzy at best.
    Bottom line, for this particular site, this is definitely a good step in the right direction. I would say that it’s just about right – transitioning to larger screens, CSS, and less tables.

  2. Avi Flax

    It’s worth taking a look at the old design:
    Looking at them side by side makes the new design even more impressive. It’s so similar, and yet better in almost every respect – an excellent example of iterative improvement. The new design feels familiar, comfortable, authoratative, and useful, and — for me — lighter, friendler, less intimidating, and calmer. I think centering the site and adding whitespace has made a huge difference.
    Khoi Vinh, the new Design Director of the Times, has some interesting thoughts on this new design, which he launched but didn’t create:


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