Yahoo! Babel Fish

One of the oldest translation services around – Babel Fish – has found a new home at Yahoo! The Yahoo! Search Blog has all the details.

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  1. DrnsRalphnJana Pryse,PhI,PhD:APL!

    Can someone please give me a comparison betrween the fish, ^ the ImTranslator?
    THNX.LRD! [1Th5:16-18!]. ‘I Am’,[Ex3:14!], Who^What IT is, that ‘I Am’ Saying ‘I Am’!/Well, w/o aasking,”How deep?”, u
    know, the Well!. Privet!
    My, Jana, from Moscow, RU, knmows [EN]+[RU];
    So ‘I Am’ Алчсолсо! Ох, тхат Цыриллиан фонт!


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