Zixxo : RSS-Powered Coupons

We’ll let the goofy name slide…for now. Zixxo delivers local coupons via RSS. Another great use for RSS. Death to weekly sales flyers.

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  1. Mike Hogan

    Goofy name? Hey now. Actually, as the guy who came up with the name, let me explain its genesis. (1) We wanted a new word so that we could define what it means as a brand; (2) We wanted a word that we could get the URLs for; (3) It couldn’t mean anything bad in foreign languags; (4) Looking at other brands on the Net like Yahoo, Google and Kazaa, we noticed 2-syllables and double letters; (5) Exxon did a naming study (spent millions) to find that double letters are very memorable and the double X’s are the most memorable; (6) The “Z” is also very unique, underutilized and memorable. So, we wanted a Z, double X’s and 2-syllables and a word we could define and own the URLs = ZiXXo :)

  2. sam

    hey check this out guys, my new start up similar to your logic mike, we used to develop the name…only this time it’s an acronym for “Zones of Global Innovation eXchange”.
    So, we went for a Z, X and some thing which is linked to our business.


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