Flash Beyond The Browser : Adobe Reveals More Details On Apollo

I’ve been going on like a broken record about how the browser will be challenged as the primary window to Internet-driven applications and content. Everybody and their uncle is taking a crack at it. Everyone has some sort of desktop download. Widgets. Gadgets. You get the idea.
Just about any attempt to get to your desktop requires a download and installation of some sort of appliation – a major barrier to widespread adoption. Adobe, following their merger with Macromedia, are working on a little known effort called Apollo. PDFZone has some insight on the effort and sum it up nicely:

The idea behind Apollo…is to enable apps currently made from Flash and PDF to “move beyond the browser” by assigning Flash-based apps a desktop icon that can be launched like traditional apps and utilities.

Adobe’s Apollo may be a dark horse in this race if they can make sure they leverage the massive install base of Flash players out there (and PDF readers for that matter). If Apollo is going to require its own install to run, then I think Adobe will be falling back onto the same playing field as the other players. The secret sauce, in my opinion, is to provide users with a dead simple ability to cross the browser’s chrome onto the desktop. No simple feat, especially considering the security implications. Adobe will face other challenges that will make this easier said than done, but this is a key requirement I believe.

4 Comments Flash Beyond The Browser : Adobe Reveals More Details On Apollo

  1. JesterXL

    It’s extremely simple, they’ve done it before with Central, mimiking the “1 click install” that Microsoft was pushing with their SmartClients. They already have millions of computers worldwide that they can install software on with 1 click by the user.
    The only problem I see with the effort is getting work. Most of the clients I get like that Flash is already installed on their browser, or it’s really easy to get Admins on large intranets to install the version we want. Getting something on their desktop is trickier than the browser, but… in this case, maybe not!

  2. mike chambers

    fyi, that quote should really be:
    made from Flash, HTML / JavaScript and / or PDF
    i.e. don’t want to forget applications created with HTML / JavaScript.
    mike chambers

  3. Sunny Morgan

    I imagine that the install process would be as simple as (or hopefully even simpler then) a user finding a useful util, cool app, fun game and downloading and installing it just like any exe. …but with the transparent side effect of the installation of Apollo.


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