iPod Directions

Here’s a neat little mashup. Sync up Yahoo! Local directions with your ipod so you can take your directions to go. I don’t own an iPod (but by God I may cave in soon) but it looks pretty neat.

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  1. Chris Brogan

    But if I am cool enough to have an iPod, don’t I likely have a cell phone with email? Wouldn’t I just mail my directions to myself?
    I almost posted about this thing, but then thought about it and realized that’s why I get email on my phone.
    iPods are cool, but check out other sources, too, like the iAudio and the iRiver. The #1 cool thing about the iPod is ease of use, and if you’re a Mac guy, there’s no more to discuss. Just get that. But if you’re PC or Linux, you have choices that have advantages.
    Of course, Steve won’t let you come to the iTunes store with your alternate hardware.


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