Mobile RSS Reader : LiteFeeds

I have no clue if this is any good but I figured I’d point to it anyway. Litefeeds is a mobile RSS feed reader for Nokia, Palm, PocketOS and other devices.

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  1. AndrewM

    I tried to download and use this on my Blackberry 8700g and couldn’t get it to work. If and when it works it will be nice to have a feedreader on it. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

  2. daniel Ingu

    There is a more powerful available at
    I used it for a few days, it can do much more than litefeeds.
    Try it,
    but it is for Pocket PC only, Windows Mobile 5.0 !

  3. Lomesh Dutta

    Hi Rich,
    Would like to point your attention to our newest product Link’n’Surf ( While not to make it sound like a marketing pitch I’d just say it comes mashup of a web content aggregator and a social network for mobile devices.
    Lomesh Dutta


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