People Acquisitions

Are the Web 2.0 applications that spring up these days just portfolios that highlight the talent behind them? Are the creators of these Web 2.0 startups just prospective hires for the Web 2.0 Big Three (Yahoo, Microsoft & Google)? Are some of he “acquisitions” that have transpired over the last year (Writely, Flickr, etc.) really just masked attempts to grab talent and fold it into the Big Three?
I bring all this up because I just found out that Gtalkr is no more. The guys behind it are now Google employees and the applicaiton itself is no longer up. Now this wasn’t an acquisition per se (otherwise we would’ve heard from Google) and I doubt we’ll see Gtalkr return any time soon. Nevertheless, it makes you wonder about how the Big Three perceive all this Web 2.0 silliness: as a nice shortcut to finding smart, innovative talent. Ultimately, this battle is going to be won out by talent. It is clear that the real assets behind these startups are the people behind them.

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