Share Your OPML

Winer’s at it again. The freak that brought us web services and RSS has been going on and on about OPML for awhile now. It’s essentially an XML standard for outlines but it’s primary role these days is that of ad hoc standard for representing reading lists for RSS feeds. I’m a fan myself and see a lot of possibilties for it.
As part of his master plan, Winer has put out Share Your OPML. It’s a site where you can upload and compare OPML reading lists with others. It’s pretty cool. TechCrunch has more details on it. I like the idea of seeing the reading lists of other users – especially those that the site suggests are similar to yours. My only gripe is that I’d love to see the feeds that I don’t have in my list that a user of like interests may have. Right now, it just ranks the users by similarity but I have to comb through their lists to see if there’s anything worth subscribing to.
My other gripe is on the interface itself. Winer’s been pretty adamant about sticking to the orange XML as the visual representation of an RSS feed. Unfortunately, it’s also the visual representation of an OPML file:

Now I may be splitting hairs (or not), but that’s kind of silly. Yeh, they’re all XML, but I think it’s clearly worthwhile to distinguish the two. The only way to infer that it’s OPML is that it’s at the bottom and it’s slightly larger. It’s going to be hard enough explaining to people what OPML is and why it’s valuable.

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