All Sorts Of Drama In The Digg World

So AOL/Netscape put out their Digg clone (and you really can’t call it anything but a “clone”). Techcrunch has a good summary. Meanwhile, Digg is upgrading (maybe to this?). I’m not sure. But as of this posting, Digg is down. In it’s place are favorite links of the various Digg members. It’s resulting in an absolute slamming of servers on the other end.
One observation about Netscape going this route: to the rest of the world – the legions of Internet users that are not 2.0-savvy, this very well will be perceived as a new, neat invention. However viral ideas may be within the realm of the tech savvy, it is a huge population outside of it. You think Netvibes is doing well? Let’s compare it alongside Ouch.

2 Comments All Sorts Of Drama In The Digg World

  1. Kim C.

    “All sorts of drama” is what changed Digg into a destination I don’t seek any longer. Too bad. I initially liked the ability to have one location to find interesting tech stuff. Nowadays it’s become just another newsgroup overrun with insiders and their petty squabbling.

  2. Tomd

    “Clone” is much to nice. It’s really a pretty horrible page…very AOL. They are cramming in tons of stuff, ads, pointless, ugly square graphics that all look like postage stamps (and ewwww, like Ann Coulter and Donald Rumsfeld postage stamps).
    And just who the hell are the “Netscape Anchors”? A. They’re not “anchors” they are people picking stories.
    This is a big time swing and a miss. I’d be surprised if it ever gets out of beta.


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