Digg V3 Coming Monday While Beta.Netscape Seems To Languish

All the buzz today is around the upcoming upgrade of the mighty Digg.com. Basement.org has had the pleasure of being dugg four times over the past year and I can tell you first hand, there are few phenomenas on the Internet as powerful as the Digg Effect. The onslaught of traffic is downright scary. Digg is one of those rare sites that has found that sweet spot. It’s oddly addictive and rarely disappoints.
About a week ago, the new Netscape beta debuted and there was a lot of buzz on the Internet about its potential. It’s effectively a Digg clone with some social and editorial aspects sprinkled in. So how is the new Netscape doing? Well, a quick visit today as of this post and it doesn’t look like a whole lot is going on. The top stories are have only a handful of diggs…I mean votes. Such is life in the Web 2.0 world. We get all excited for about 6 minutes and then we move on (“we” being the geeks that love plaiyng with apps).
In all fairness, I’m not sure how broadly Netscape has let it be known that this thing even exists. A quick visit to their main site (under www) doesn’t show any links to the beta. So who knows.

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