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Ever watch the old James Bond movies where 007 somehow gets kidnapped and wakes up in some elaborate lair that was built into the side of a mountain on some remote island? Just behind the natural landscape are these uniformed workers, toilling away to help some evil rich guy realize is sinister master plan to rule the world.
Well, reality seems to be following fiction. Google is quiety (“shshshsh!”) building these massive data centers fit with massive cooling systems. These Googleplex’s (I’m not sure if I’m using the word properly) will house…everything. Everything about what we do. What we want. What we seek. What we produce. What we write. Email. Photograph. Listen to. Watch. Buy…(insert generic maniacal plan-to-rule-the-world laugh here).
I’ve worn the hat of Paranoid Blogger before when I wrote about Google’s Laser-Guided Missles. That article seemed to resonate with a lot of people. Well, you gotta put those missiles somewhere. I’ll admit, I’ll often find myself laughing at my own paranoia. But then again, Google’s ambitions (along with Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s) are pretty scary. These big data centers are going to house all kinds of details about us. And will we always know what aspects of our behavior is being stored away?
O’Reilly recently pointed to a study where Google is looking into using your computer’s built-in microphone to analyze ambient sounds. These sounds will be studied and analyzed (can you hear the big machines humming?) to determine which television show you’re currently watching and promptly return Web content related to that show.
O’Reilly goes on to talk about the frightening, AI-run-amuck scenario. I’m not sure about all that, but the immediate feeling I get is: creepy. Who is that guy with the trenchcoat who keeps following me around?

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  1. Aran

    Does it surprise anyone that when you look up the area of Oregon in which the Google facility is being built that it coincidentally happens to be one of those parts of the country that uses the low resolution satellite maps?

  2. Bedder

    Google are seeming to try to do to much.
    If they do store the information you mentioned, they could basically catagorize people. By age, by favourite films, media, by what we watch on TV, on how much we email… We would be but a set of data to them.
    With GBuy about to be launched soon, a beta Google spreadsheet out, and there to be rumoured a Google web browser being developed, whats next? Google virus scan? Google Media player? Google Operating system?

  3. Yaron

    Well, Googleplex’s is certainly not using it properly, if only because there shouldn’t be an apostrophe there.
    As for whether it makes sense otherwise, as maybe Googleplexes, I have no idea. It does pass the meaning, so I guess it works.
    Besides, a few huge datacenters are better than lots of small ones. Much easier to blow everything up when you get too paranoid about your personal information…

  4. techbee

    Check out the future Google Medical Search at this link: (it looks like any other google page, but puch in a word lke diphteria, cancer, tuberculosis, and check the number of answers)
    there has been rumors about Google Genetics, too.

  5. Bedder

    1 with 100 0’s after (10^100)
    1 with a googol 0’s after.
    Company trying to become market leaders in everything.
    “Information farms” of everything Google can find out…


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