Google Firefox Browser Sync

Google has released a Firefox extension that maintains your Firefox settings across computers. Pretty useful. Just keep in mind it requires a Google account and syncs your saved passwords as well.

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  1. Avi Flax

    This is interesting.
    You know all that speculation about a Google Browser? The one that Google recently stated does not exist? Maybe this is why. Maybe Google has decided that Firefox is so good, and has such a good rep and market penetration etc, that Firefox is the Google Browser!
    Think about it: Google has been heavliy promoting Firefox. It’s been on their homepage how many millions of views is that? – and they’ve released tons of extensions. They’ve also contributed significant amounts of money and employee work-hours to the Mozilla foundation and its efforts.
    This actually reminds me of Apple and their decision to create their own browser, Safari. They had basically two choices: Gecko or non-Gecko. They went non-Gecko, but I could argue that it’s been to their detriment. Many new web apps support FF/Gecko and IE, and not Safari. Although it’s a great browser, it’s just sufficiently different, and sufficiently niche, to make many web apps decide not to support it.
    Apple could have adopted Gecko and saved themselves a ton of time and money, and ended up with a native system browser that was more reliable and more widely supported.
    Maybe Google’s learned from Apple’s mistake. And maybe Firefox/Gecko is the next dominant browser platform?


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