Google Heart Adobe

Similar to the deal with Dell, Google is partnering with Adobe to bundle the Google toolbar with Adobe’s (formerly Macromedia’s) Shockwave Player download.
Now let’s be real. The Shockwave Player isn’t exactly on any Top Downloads list these days. But of course, that’s not what this is all about. It’s about bundling Google wares with “various Adobe products.” And of course, among the many various products is the mighty Flash runtime – arguably the most widely deployed platform in the world.
And why is this important to Google? Well, Google is going to need to fortify itself from the inevitable changes that will point users, by default to Microsoft properties. That’s why they’ve paid Dell and now Adobe real money. As I’ve clamored about in the past, Google’s primary entry point today is the browser and URL and to stay competitive they must establish alternative entry points. Toolbars. Google Desktop. Gadgets. Widgets. Extensions. You name it.
PDF & Flash are a great way to sneak Google into the experience because they’re just about everywhere. People will download them – unlike that Google Backpack nonsense that was put out months ago. Flash is even more effective because the download is practically transparent these days. It just happens. And that’s what Google wants to piggyback here.
These moves are all about Microsoft. Microsoft will get search to “good enough” and then use its leverage, i.e. it’s ownership of the operating system we all play on, to make it far easier to end up on Windows Live or other Microsoft destinations.

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  1. _jacob

    so the google toolbar with the shockwave player and the yahoo toolbar with the flash player?
    yay – developers rejoice.


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