Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Is Out

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 is out. The primary focus appears to be the RSS reader (though I’m sure many other bugs were fixed). The RSS changes are summarized at Microsoft’s Team RSS blog.
According to the blog, the RSS functionality is “feature complete.” I’ve mentioned this before. This may finally be the application that thrusts RSS into mainstream use. While there are other more full-featured installable apps out there (FeedDemon being the best of the bunch), we can’t underestimate the power of not having to install anything for a huge portion of the user population. I’m still not entirely convinced that it’ll catch fire like it should. The “real need” isn’t that clearly visible just yet.

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  1. wom

    I’ve installed IE7b3 on another computer, and it’s a lot smoother-running than the previous beta; I also like the improvements made. As long as Firefox has the extensibility factor in its favor, I won’t even think about switching to other browsers. I like all the extensions available that add functionality no other browser can offer.
    Until Microsoft can figure out all the major bugs in IE7 (which might not be until its final release), I never recommend installing it as a main browser. I’ve had a lot of people complain to me how it destroyed the computer’s dll library during uninstallation.

  2. Charles

    Sadly, IE 7 Beta 3 is rubbish. It not only did not install on my machine, but now IE6 doesn’t work, as well as several other applications.
    It starts off with a warning to disable spyware tools and antivirus applications. In a word… no. That’s not my responsibility and I won’t do it. Not even for a beta. Microsoft has been been at this game long enough that they can code an app properly to install in their sleep – this dance is highly unnecessary.
    I am going to have to use Firefox for now, but now the messenging windows of my apps are having difficulties, since they’re based on Explorer technology.

  3. Andrew

    They seem to be hell bent on self-destruction, AOL and the late Yahoo style.
    It takes away the all important internet tool bar to leave you a zombie at their mercy.
    Time to look elsewhere, fast.


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