New Study : Complex Products Are “Broken”

So Mr. Businessman, are you still trying to figure out if it’s worth spending the money on some good interaction design? Arc90’s Chris LoSacco rambled off a list of reasons why it’s worthwhile a week ago. Now here’s some hard evidence: a new study reports that half of all returned electronic items function perfectly well, people just don’t know how to use them. If I’m not mistaken, when you go back to the store with a product and return it, you’re refunded your money.
People spend millions of dollars for a measly 30 seconds of air time on the Superbowl. Why? Because it’s known to reach a vastly larger audience than your typical TV programming. It’s a wonder that many businesses fail to connect a poorly designed interface with a narrower customer base. You want the kids. You want the grandmas. You want the person who can’t even speak English. It’s simple math: make it easier to use, and your potential customer base grows larger.

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