Umm…Hello Netvibes Users?

Looking at my Feedburner stats today, something pretty flippin’ weird is going on. It’s showing over 50,000 (yes 50,000) subscribers. The great majority of them, according to Feedburner, are coming from Netvibes?
Does anyone have any clue why this is? The Feedburner folks say the stats look real. Did’s feed end up on some default page? Ah. So many questions.

6 Comments Umm…Hello Netvibes Users?

  1. Alex M

    With this new ecosystem it’s possible you got added along with a popular tab or something, who knows.
    It’s a good thing though, right? :]

  2. techbee

    Strangely enough, WordPress dot com has had issues with feeds stats too. I jumped from 70 subscribers to 50 000!! Since all those platforms are probably pinging each others like crazy, serveurs might have gone cross-eyed..


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