3D 2D Racing Games!

As a kid and through a good chunk of adult life, I was really into video games. Now that I’m an…ahem…adult, I’ve sadly more or less given up on them. I got into the PSP for a bit, but now that I no longer have a commute, I rarely use it.
I also don’t think it’s entirely my fault. Really great games have very little to do with all the graphical wizardry we see these days. Most games are overwhelmed with Hollywood-style production and unnecessary complexity – thus making it all the more difficult to really convey – or capture – the essence of a really good game. I’ve played many of the fancy new baseball games, and none seem to capture the essence or sheer fun of the sport as Earl Weaver Baseball, Electronic Arts’ 1987 classic for the old Commodore Amiga. Maybe I’m just being nostalgic, but none of today’s titles are anywhere near as fun.
With all that said, and with apologies to Gran Turismo 4, I’ve always loved good ol’ classic top-down racing games. This morning I stumbled on a great list of freeware 2D racing games (a la Super Off Road and such). Get your old joysticks out! Or maybe…paddles?

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  1. phreekk

    The new Nintendo Wii will have downloadble access to old skool games from the SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, and the TurboGrafx. Retro 2D is definately in and 3D games are out. Having access to almost every Zelda Game on one system along with Shinobi, Golden Axe and Splatterhouse, it’ll be the best gaming system ever put out!

  2. Aran

    As much as I do like modern 3d gaming, I still think my favorite video game ever might have to be the Isometric classic from the 90’s called The Great 1000 Mile Rally.
    GeneRally, which is on the list you talked about, is a pretty decent little game. It has a very good damage model, and also has a pit-stop feature that makes it quite a challenge.


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