Passionate Users : Does The US Suck At Design?

The constantly thoughtful and inspiring Creating Passionate Users considers whether the U.S. sucks at design.

1 Comment Passionate Users : Does The US Suck At Design?

  1. Ro

    Man, I have considered this since I have taking my first art history classes on my way to becoming a graphic designer. I think a large part in why American Design as a whole is not viewed as contributing to Design because our, our meaning the US, interest in design only has to do with the bottom line of something else as opposed to seeing it as a classic art style on par with painting, sculpting, etc. In places that produce outstanding designer after designer, like Sweden for example, they are trained to recognize, space, layout, typography, etc while, giving respect we are trained in the same manner, but it is also hammered into us that all our expertise can and will be subverted by a admin assistant who like calliflower blue roll overs and believes good design involves using an abundance of animated gifs. There just isn’t the same respect given to it as it is in other places of the world.


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