The Harm of Industry Gossip Memes

So the web is all abuzz right now because Amanda Congdon the girl behind Rocketboom, a popular video podcast, will no longer be…booming or rocketbooming (or something).
It’s fascinating to watch this unravel in the blogging community. It’s an absolute soap opera that I thnk highlights how truly immature the blogging world really is. I enjoy movies, but I don’t really care who Russell Crowe is dating (or marrying, or divorcing). I also don’t care about how much Colin Farrell got paid for his last movie, or whether he’s still with his agent or not.
For me, this highlights a key and rarely spoken of motivator behind blogging: the need to be heard and noticed. Partnerships and work relationships come apart all the time, but in the blogging world you get out there and take your stand. It’s cheesy and disingenuine. The community, strangely, jumps on the bone like a pack of rabid dogs. Jason Calacanis has offered Amanda a job at Netscape via an oddly slimy blog entry. Dave and Robert have chimed in.
The general strategy seems to be: take your personal conflicts public and build consensus that way – at the expense of others. Administer the first blow before your opponent knows what happened. It’s a strange type of PR attack that the community seems to assemble and riot around rather than just ignore. It’s too bad. I think these types of “industry gossip” memes take blogging a step away from the broader population. There are plenty of interesting topics to talk about. Just because people like TV and movies doesn’t mean they read Variety.

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