Two Great New Tools From The Arc90 Lab

My colleagues at Arc90 are right to call me a “filthy bastard” for not pointing to the last couple of experiments to come out of the Arc90 Lab.
First is the deceptively cool Link Thumbnails (example). It’s a simple little script that turns your hyperlinks into little screenshots that display on hover. There was some confusion at first as to how this worked. People thought they had to actually create the thumbnail images. They don’t. The script actually calls out to a service and automatically retrieves them for you. Very sexy (“Sexy” is one of our goals at the Arc90 Lab). The tool has been Dugg over 1800 times and the response has been great.
A lesser-known but also very cool little experiment is the Image Captions tool (example). This one is pretty sweet too. With a simple script, you can drop images into your flowing text with captions without having to deal with much CSS or div positioning trickery.
The Arc90 team did a great job with these…and there’s still more to come! Check into the lab and blog regularly for updates. The easiest way to stay on top is to subscribe to the Lab RSS feed.

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