“What’s RSS Again?”

Dead2.0 gives us a painful reminder of how the masses still have no clue what RSS is, or more importantly, why we should even care.
He asks his mom what RSS is and her response is just classic. I’m not sure what we need to do to plant that seed and really spread the love about why RSS is great.
Or is it great? And do people really need it? Or…wait. Wrong mindset.
RSS never got the killer application to bring it to the masses. HTML was a brilliant invention but it needed to be packaged up and introduced to the world – thus hiding its complexity. Mosaic and early Netscape did that. RSS doesn’t have a Mosaic. When the Web exploded, Netscape was the Web. It wasn’t about markup language. In fact, I’m sure most ordinary users, even today, don’t care much for the concepts behind how the Web works.
The same goes for RSS. There are many great tools out there – both client applications and web-based, but none have been able to produce the “A-hah!” followed by the “Wow” yet. Can it happen? Will it happen? Who knows…

2 Comments “What’s RSS Again?”

  1. Aran

    Right now my girlfriend uses her bookmarks to go from one blog to another manually checking to see if there are any updates. RSS would be perfect for her.
    But, for her, and many like her, learning new computer things is somewhat stressful. While she felt that learning flickr, blogging and Photoshop was worth the time, so far I just haven’t convinced her that RSS is worth learning.


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