Link Thumbnail Craziness

As you gracefully glide your mouse over the links on, you’ll notice that you’ll get an oh-so-subtle preview of where that link will take you. It’s the Link Thumbnails tool from the Arc90 Lab. No, I didn’t manually create thumbnails for each link. It does some sort of cross-service craziness and whips out a thumbnail automatically
I’ve set it to default to all links. Let me know if you find it too annoying. Credit goes out to Joel Nagy of Arc90 for the excellent work here. Very impressive stuff.

3 Comments Link Thumbnail Craziness

  1. Josh

    Doesn’t seem annoying to me. It reminds me of Vista’s new window thumbnail when you mouse over items on the taskbar.
    It got me thinking that this might be a cool feature directly implemented into browsers. Rendering many links would probably be pretty taxing, though. It might be bad for links that take actions as well (like Delete links in webmail and similar functionality).


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