Ride On Those RSS Rivers

Dave Winer has been trumpeting the virtues of mobile rivers for a bit now, and at Arc90, we have to agree – they make a lot of sense. In a nutshell, mobile rivers are simple, rolling headlines with brief blurbs – idea for checking out what’s happening on your Treo or Blackberry or any other mobile device with a browser.
There are already mobile rivers for the New York Times, BBC and Digg and they work nicely on mobile devices. The guys at Arc90 have created a generic river generator so now you can take virtually any RSS feed and make it readable on mobile devices. Just append river.arc90.com with ?rss=yourFeedURL and you’re good to go. The Arc90 lab has much more on this. It even converts the clicked-thru articles for mobile reading (via either Google or Skweezer).
So get on that river of news. It’s a fun ride. And all you bloggers out there, it’s now easy as pie to add a “Mobile View” link to your blogs. Slick.

1 Comment Ride On Those RSS Rivers

  1. John Dowdell

    Ah, so *that’s* what he means when he goes on about “rivers of news”… he means RSS in its original sense as “Rich Site Summary” rather than his subsequent rebranding as “Really Simple Syndication”, is that the gist of it…?
    Thanks for the compact definition, Rich!


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