Google Acquires Jotspot

Not sure why this one isn’t making the rounds yet. Google has acquired Jotspot. No more new accounts (for now). Jot is a virtual office suite with calendar, spreadsheets and the like. Not sure how (or if) this folds into the Google Office plans.
Google’s clearly aiming their sights on small businesses/organizations that just want a simple turnkey solution for your typical operational tools – email, calendar, spreadsheets etc. They’ve already acquired Writely. There won’t be many little players left in 12 months I’m guessing. They’ll either get acquired or relegated to a small slice of the pie.

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  1. Bill

    Jotspot provided wiki-based project management with all these tools, somewhat differently than PHProjekt, but pretty nicely. Used the service for a while little less than 2 years ago, but it hadn’t grown to the point where it was as useful as other tools. If Google is targeting *collaboration* tools, now that would really be interesting, and a departure from the traditional ‘office’ software, although one could conceivably make the case that most office software is collaborative anyway. And BTW – nice blog.


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