Google Gobbles Youtube

This apparently just happened. Google has acquired Youtube. As to what they’re gonna do with Youtube – I’m sure plenty of bloggers and “experts” will speculate. Youtube cornered it and there was no unseating them. Google and others have learned that once a particular destination tips, its nearly impossible to unseat them. Google Video could hardly make a dent (along with others).
It’ll be fun to see how Google morphs Youtube into something viable. It has become the ad hoc Internet TV platform. It is a delicate thing though. At some point, you’ve got to take control of what’s happening. Like it or not, there are copyright issues to be worked out. The snag is figuring out if the changes you impose turn it into something else. That’s the tricky part. Delicious and Flickr have remained practically untouched since Yahoo snatched them up. I still can’t tell if those were viable acquisitions as well. I plead ignorance on such moves. I just can’t find the rational thinking behind them.
Anhow, it’s done. The ‘Tube is now Google property. Congrats to both companies. This is a pretty big deal any way you spin it.

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