Paint.Net is a free, semi-worthy Photoshop-like graphics editing tool for Windows. Looks pretty ok.

4 Comments Paint.Net

  1. David Fekke

    I have tried to use this program. It fails to compare to Photoshop when it comes to working with high resolution images. I tried to use it to retouch a photo that was over 10 megabytes, and it slowed to a crawl. It is just another half effort by Microsoft.

  2. Alex M

    @ David: it was first developed by students of the Washington State University, and only later did Microsoft take an interest. :P
    I’m really glad to see Paint.NET finally get some attention. I first pimped it over on deviantart ( over a year and a half ago with the V2.1 release, and I’ve found it exceptionally useful as a Photoshop alternative. It barely takes a few seconds to load on my pc instead of much longer with PS, so for minor editing it’s a great timesaver.

  3. milo

    Paint.NET is worth the attention, but needs more plugins and work on usability. Tried it a few weeks ago, pretty interesting, but unfortunately no messure to ps.


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