The Weird World Of Comment Spam

Maybe someone can help me out with this…
I’ve come to accept comment spam as a general part of life here on A handful of Movable Type plug-ins has taken the daily number down to a much more manageable number.
There are really two categories of spam. The first is just outright offensive. Sex, drugs and…umm…ringtones. Then there’s the manic depressive spammer. These guys just can’t find the motivation and are really down on life. My guess is they’re depressed because they make a living submitting comment spam, but that’s just a theory. Here’s an example of a depressed commenter:

I haven’t gotten anything done recently. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I haven’t been up to anything these days, but it’s not important. Today was a total loss.

Pretty uplifting eh? I’ve actually blogged about this phenomenon before. It’s just plain weird.
Now just last night, I got a comment that really doesn’t fall into either category. I’ll just drop it here and see if anyone can make heads or tails of it:

It is a very good site and I want to know some more about it ….. that’s why I want become a member of this basement mouse and this is the reason of my first visit to basement mouse I have been a member of mumbai hangout and from there I am know that this basement mouse is very good site and that ‘s why I finalised that I want to become the member of this basement mouse and from this first visit I think that this is a very good site and I am not even think that there is not any problem with this site and every person fears that a harmful virus would enter his or her computer and I am not sure about this that If any virus will enter my laptop enter my laptop then what will I do for this this but this not to worry …..
ok ……

I’m not sure if it’s a language barrier. He keeps calling my blog “basement mouse” which sort of freaks me out. He did leave a link behind to the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing (or IIITDM for short).
Hey, at least the comment isn’t depressing.

4 Comments The Weird World Of Comment Spam

  1. Avi Flax

    Rich, just switch to WordPress and the Akismet plugin will take care of it all for you.
    BTW I love the phrase “basement mouse”. It makes me think of the “classic” cartoon “Danger Mouse”. Do I see a new mascot in your future? Come on, you could even have a theme song!

  2. billg

    You don’t need to switch to WordPress to use Akismet. it’s been available for MT for months. Works, too. It isn’t perfect, though, Currently, it seems to be letting great batches of stuff through.

  3. Ryan

    I may be completely off, but I think they post weird comments like that in hopes of getting an “approved” comment so they can then flood your blog with spam. Who really knows.

  4. Arya

    Hay I know what’s the problem haha In ages i laughed a lot today.
    Actually sir the truth is that there’s a group called
    Mumbai Hangout on Yahoo Groups
    If you would like to visit you can try
    Its the largest group on Yahoo Server!
    So what this man is sending mail is about a man he thinks you are.His name is on group is Basment mouse and he’s sorta cool mail sender really he sends very cool mails so the man who posted you this comment thinks that you are basment mouse and its your site.
    What a freaking silly point!
    I lauched a lot!
    Thanks for posting!
    If you would like to know more about this person basment mouse please mail him on
    I think maybe this is his email id.


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