Digg Gets Refreshed

The formidable Digg has been updated with some nice interface tweaks among a slew of other features (mmm…liquid display). The official blog has the details.
It’s good to see design enhancements getting proper billing as these popular sites evolve. There really aren’t many new features this time around. The last major Digg upgrade introduced new categories and such. Nevertheless, it’s these often times subtle interface tweaks that really help elevate a site and broaden its audience. It also shows that Digg is paying attention to feedback – not just feature requests, but how to make the whole experience easier to use. Good stuff.

1 Comment Digg Gets Refreshed

  1. Jim

    FYI – I saw on Digg that Delicious got a facelift as well…
    I agree that it’s good that sites like these are listening to their communities.


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