A Little Usage Metadata Lovin’

Fellow Arc90’er Tim Meaney shares his thoughts on usage metadata and why it’s just the greatest. The Google Reader team recently put out some neat little charts that nicely illustrate your usage habits on Google Reader. Tim predicts that this trend will continue with more applications paying better attention to your habits, patterns and what you pay the most attention to.

Building on Tim’s thoughts, I think its worth making a distinction between local attention data – in applications like iTunes – is a bit more digestible to me than Google watching every move I make. While the resulting data is neat, I wish there were a “Stop Paying Attention” switch somewhere that I could flip. Every so often, I just want to close the blinds.  Privacy is mostly about control. So long as I can easily “mute the microphone” I’m ok with things.

Tim will be continuing his series on usage metadata in the near future over at the Arc90 Blog.

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