I Hate…Myself

The Apple fanboys will be frothing at the mouth today. As I type this, Mr. Jobs is picking up his legendary dry cleaning as he gets ready for the big show today. What could it be? More new iPods? More new iPod colors? Macbook Pro “Ultra” (or something)? Apple knows how to generate buzz. And the sound of Apple-related blog chatter is absolutely deafening.

But if you’re looking for the big announcement today, it’s not happening at Macworld Expo. It’s happening right here.

I bought a Macbook Pro.

Yes, the man who doesn’t hate Macs, but just hates Mac users, bought a Mac. It took quite a bit of energy to conjur up enough self-loathing to purchase one, but I finally did.

So have at it people. The target doesn’t get much bigger than this. I finally gave in to all smoothly transitioning shininess; all those drop shadows and rounded corners; all that…brushed metal!

I’ll blog again some time soon to explain why I finally caved in. For now, all I ask is that I not be likened to that smarmy pseudo-hipster from the Mac ads. That’s not me. Really. I swear.

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  1. Sean Mc

    Yes, I feel your pain, but if it makes you feel any better, pretty much all the mighty Mac haters have fallen for the Mac Book Pro. Myself included I must confess. But only because I still have the safety net of parallels – ehem

  2. John Dowdell

    “Yes, the man who doesn’t hate Macs, but just hates Mac users, bought a Mac. It took quite a bit of energy to conjure up enough self-loathing to purchase one, but I finally did.”
    heh, made me laugh with that one, cheers!

  3. Chris Dary

    This phenomenon is exactly why I think apple is going to skyrocket within the next few years. Apple is poised to take a huge portion of the expert-user PC market. With the ‘safety net’ of parallels as Sean said, there’s really no hugely compelling reason to -not- try it.
    Needless to say, I’m with you on this one, even though I’ve been a PC guy for years. :P

  4. Ben Edwards

    Hey I feel your pain. Last weekend I, too purchased a MacBook Pro and every mac fan-boy hating cell in my body wanted to revolt against me. As it turns out, it’s not too bad. the transition from Wndows to OSX has been smooth and the hardware really is superior, plus unix and a slew of other good software :)

  5. Rachel

    Welcome, Rich. You’ll like it here on the Shiny White side of the Street ;) Nice ‘announcement’ – sadly I think there’s too much frothing over iPhone to notice :(
    Great comments on Apple vs. Windows over at a thread on Metafilter:
    “I love Apple threads. I get to watch people get emotional over something that some company made, and other people get emotional over the fact that the first group gets emotional, and then I jump in and get emotional over the fact that the first two groups aren’t being rational enough! Pretty soon someone will get defensive at me and add yet another level of meta-anger. It’s awesome.”

  6. VideoDame

    May you have better luck than me. No sooner was I a convert than I wanted out.
    You drop a frog into boiling water…I’m just a PC girl at heart. And that makes me happy.

  7. Take my $1200 please

    Apple have used the “it just works” line for years now. When they introduced the iMac DVD I bought one. It was, by a long shot, the most crash-prone OS I have ever owned.
    When it crashed my wife would say ‘oh you just need to start it up again’ – as if it hadn’t even crashed. This seemed to be part of ‘just working’. Weird.
    When I tell this to mac zealots they say ‘oh but that was OS9’. A fair enough comment if it had not been for the ‘just works’ advertising. OS X has a better heritage, but it is just hard to spend money after being burned like that.
    By far the biggest differentiator between most mac users and PC users is the willingness to hand over money to Apple time and again. You can argue that how you like.

  8. Chris

    I don’t know why Apple claims their OS is so much more stable because all of my homebuilts are rock solid and never crash. I also like to save money on my computer rather than pay hundreds extra for a stupid little Apple, especially when it’s not my money that I’m spending. Besides, I like to tinker and modify my PC because I actually know how to use it. Many Mac users probably don’t even know how to set the time on their VCR (not all) and they need something that doesn’t require so much work. But at least replacement parts for my PC are cheaper and more available then their Mac counterparts! So I have nothing against Macs or their users, I just think PC’s are better.

  9. Boo Boo

    I’m still trying to hold on to my Macginity. I’ve developed such a hatred of people that use them, I just can’t bring myelf to get one yet.

  10. David Haskins

    I got a MacBook Pro and for the life of me after 6 months I have not been able to find a single thing I can effectively use it for apart from watching DVDs. I am a keen Linux user and hadn’t been near a Mac since 2002 so I thought I’d have a look. It is a truly terrible machine. “Whatever you want to do – you need to spend more money!”

  11. Kristine

    I also just made the move to a Macbook…not the pro :(
    It’s been interesting trying to navigate but that’s just because I have been brainwashed by PC’s!!! I LOVE MY MAC!!!!!
    Congrats to you and thanks for being so honest and somewhat humble.

  12. ANN

    And yet another blog where a PC user slams Mac users then becomes one him/her self .. lol welcome
    Seriously though, Ever wonder what evil deeds someone has to do to earn $44 billion?? Ask Bill Gates .. buy a MAC


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