’s Greatest Hits’s first post happened on October 22, 2004. While on some days I do have that “s#$t, I really should blog” feeling, it’s usually a blast. And some posts definitely blasted off more than others. Some posts have been served hundreds of thousands of times. Frightening.
And so, thanks to my trusty server logs, here are’s Greatest Hits:

10. Working Some New Muscles
9. Taking RSS Beyond Headlines – Part Two
8. “Uh Oh, Your Browser Is Leaking”
7. Give’em Room Folks : The Importance of Open Space In Design
6. Stealing Metadata
5. Google’s Laser-Guided Missiles
4. I Don’t Hate Macs, I Just Hate Mac Users
3. Reality Check 2.0
2. Taking RSS Beyond Headlines – Part One
1. Why Do We Love Rounded Corners?

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