Flash Is Goin’ All Shiny 3D

Way back when Flash 8 got released, I was really impressed with all the new graphical effects and enhancements built into it. Since then though, we haven’t seen a lot of activity come from the community (at least that I’m aware of) along these lines.
Well it looks like things are starting to heat up a bit. Here are a few nice examples. You can find many more at Flashscene.org.
You have to wonder if we’re going to start to see the shine of Vista or the slick tweening of OSX on the Flash platform. Better yet, I wonder if the the Flex crew are thinking about taking a r/evolutionary step forward in terms of the standard GUI components that make up Flex – sort of the way Microsoft bumped it up from Windows XP to Vista. The capabilities – like transparency, alpha effects and such – are obviously there and client CPU power continues to get better and cheaper.

5 Comments Flash Is Goin’ All Shiny 3D

  1. Tom D.

    Ugh! Why isn’t any of it USEFUL?
    If I just want to watch smoothly spinning shapes and whirling colors, I’ll do drugs. How about Flash to actually convey information better than before? How about better interfaces, better data visualization?
    The best example I’ve seen of Flash, usefuly Flash is the new Yahoo! Charts (http://finance.yahoo.com/charts#chart7:symbol=goog;range=20060202,20070201;compare=msft;charttype=ohlc;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=undefined). Absolutely stunning. As someone who has been involved in making fat client financial charting applications, I’m blown away by what Yahoo has done. And they could only have done it with Flash, I believe.

  2. Parker Kane^evof

    Tom: We did this mainly just for fun. Simple as that :)
    Maybe only useful thing is we now know better what are bottlenecks in AS3.
    And also Tom… How movies are useful? You cant do anything with them… Only watch them… :)

  3. Tom D.

    Ok, ok. I didn’t mean to impugne the Flash demonstrations. I’m not one to put down anyone’s art (or fun). My comment was just that I don’t want to go back to the unnecessary “flash intros” with the “skip into” buttons. I hate to see Flash for the sake of using Flash. But when I see a really useful, really rich interface with bountiful, digestable data–I’m thrilled (which makes me a huge geek, I know).
    Of course, the other possibility is that (and I fear this will start happening soon) advertisers will start overlaying ads on sites…using transparency effects on the ads…sort of along the lins of the little tv channel identifiers in the corner, but worse. On the web, however, I won’t be surprised to see a semi-transparent overlaid on an entire site. Blech. It will be awful.


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