8 Comments Indie Artists, Give Me Your Paypal Account

  1. Ben Parsons

    This system sounds great – I have exactly the same problems, I can’t find a useful way to “purchase” music (stretching the definition if we’re going with your idea), because I rarely buy CD’s any longer, and I would never use iTunes in it’s current state.
    But… I think you’re overestimating the generosity of the general population. So many people will simply never donate – how are you going to be able to encourage (or even enforce) this system?
    I really like the idea, but I don’t know how well it would work in reality. For the time being, my compromise is to buy CD’s of artists I know I like due to having downloaded other music them (i.e., I don’t buy albums I’ve downloaded, I’ll find something else to buy).

  2. Rich Ziade

    Hmm…why not start something akin to a “Next Album Fund” or “help us raise $X and we’ll put out this EP.”
    I dunno, if fans knew the artists depended on it, wouldn’t that mean something?

  3. Tom D.

    What if the amount you want to pay (I think this album is worth $5) is different from the amount the record company or the artist thinks the album should be worth (Epic thinks it’s a $15 album)?
    Of course, the beauiful thing you are proposing, Rich, is cutting out the label in favor of paying the artists directly.
    I think there is a solution and it isn’t paypal.
    Who can fix this? Apple.
    Apple has agreements with the labels and sells DRM-crippled music. That said, there is no reason in the world why Apple couldn’t open iTunes to every independent, unsigned band out there and say, we don’t care if you don’t have a label, we’ll sell your music in plain old mp3 format and after we take our cut, we’ll send you a check every month. Steve Jobs, you say you think DRM is stupid, but what have you done about it? Everybody talk about the weather, but Steve Jobs is sitting on the biggest weather machine in world…and he’s only talking about the weather.

  4. Corey

    from the stand point of the artist, this is a hard sell. i don’t completely disagree with what yre asking for, but i remember discussing this when it was proposed a few years ago. a lot of people felt it cheapens their music. you, as a fanatic, are the exception. i can relate, as i spend a lot on music, even in this age. i go to shows, i buy mp3s when i can. i even buy vinyl, just to record it to mp3. but most people, i think, will take free music and run. and worse, they’ll never see it as worth anything because the artist isn’t asking for anything for it. a donate button implies that the artist isn’t confident enough, isn’t big enough, isn’t enough of a ROCK STAR to sell their music. i’m playing a bit of devil’s advocate here. but i think it’s better to jsut offer easy drm-free downloads. i got my last album on itunes on one hand and a site like audiolunchbox on the other. they offer drm-free downloads. you won’t necessarily hear of them, but i link to them from my site, so you can get there. a lot of artists i know are starting to use products like http://www.payloadz.com . personally i think these are a better model.

  5. Rich Ziade

    Ok, so don’t call it donate. Call it something else. I think you make a really good point though: the consumer end still thinks in terms of purchasing as well…

  6. james

    im an independent poet and im basic living on the streets i need someone to help me i owe colledge payments so my credit is bad and i cant sell nothing was promised the world and on pits end stay at moms some time a 29 year old man i look for a job but as an artist can feel its wrong dont belong just the feeling being free if any one can help me my aba .is 12244171. and acount number is 60102250986 palm desert bank i have .62 cents in the account i need to find someone that has the money to throw away as if i was a famous artist and rich i will be helping out cant take it with you sic james musk 24 curson street ,west warwick ri 02893 i dont no were to turn say im pitifull but a real artist knows what we feel and go through and im at my end posted 3/26/2008


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