Netvibes Tweaks It Up

Your favorite portal and mine, Netvibes, has churned out a handful of features and enhancements. Netvibes continues to impress.

1 Comment Netvibes Tweaks It Up

  1. slayerboy

    I love NetVibes, and I love Craigslist, but the Netvibes Craigslist module is horrible compared to the tab I have setup for feeds for different sections of craigslist. Granted, I don’t get pictures, and I have to actually click the link to get more detail, but it’s a quick and dirty way to get what the latest deals are on Craigslist in my area all in one NetVibes tab.
    Most of the time NetVibes surpises me, and indeed, I was surprised when I saw the Wired enhanced feed…that’s awesome. The Craigslist module is good for a basic search of Craigslist, but not for monitoring sections of Craigslist. Dedicating a whole tab with multiple RSS feeds from different sections of Craigslist is about the only way to go for me.


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