NY Times : Double-Click Insanity

Here’s a wacky little feature I never knew existed on NYTimes.com. If you’re in any article (like this one), and double-click on any term, it’ll bring up a dictionary or encylopedia view of that word. Pretty cool. It works in both web view and printer-friendly view.

3 Comments NY Times : Double-Click Insanity

  1. Bertil

    Actually, I hate this feature because it makes it tricky to select a word (one cick) or imposible to select a line (two clicks) or a paragraph (three clicks). As I’m ussing several unstable (Beta) browsers, clicking to decide whether my Mac is just having some hard time, or stuck in a Wheel of Death is just plain horrid.
    The idea is great: I’m not sure NYT is the most frequent destination for the non-native speakers and the younsters, but they certainly have a more extended vocabulary then many blogs. The design however is poor:
    > a option toggle is needed;
    > making it a Firefox extension that you can use elsewhere, similar Google’s translation gizmo, would be more useful as a definition is better then for both non-natives and people who simply don’t know the word.

  2. Richard Ziade

    I could totally see how this could be really annoying – especially for those that want to just select stuff. Hmm….I’m guessing they’re quietly trying it out and gleaning feedback (bad or good).


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