Flex Goes Open Source

This is pretty cool news. Adobe has decided to open source the Flex platform (or specifically, the Flex SDK). Flex is as much a platform as it is a single-purpose piece of software. The result is a pretty vibrant (and growing) community that contributes all sorts of cool components that sit atop Flex.
By open sourcing Flex, Adobe is joining the party and looking to provide even more support for the community. At Arc90, we’ve got some really talented engineers that immediately chose to go right under the hood and do some really cool things. The result is some really valuable feedback (we’ve had numerous conversations with Adobe’s Flex team) that we’re anxious to share. This move by Adobe is welcome because it’ll hopefully make this more of a conversation between Adobe and the community. Rather than give feedback and hope for the best, Adobe joins the community.
The buzz continues to get louder around Flex and Apollo. This is about keeping the momentum going and recruiting more developers. Regardless, this is a great move for the platform. Open it up and build on top of it.
Is Adobe becoming IBM? (Heh).

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  1. Sander Lissenburg

    Oke opensource is oke, but I was happy with the fact that flex was a platform maintained and build by only one party. It means its easy to use, all you ever need can be found at one place and you dont need to choose out of thousend things(an example is C++ with all the IDEs, compilers and libraries), a thing I somethimes hate.

  2. Damon

    I am wathcing the Silverlight Flash race very close. I’ve been a Flash developer for a long time now, and recently became a Visual Studio C# person, because I got tired of jumping through Flash Hurdles to do simple Data Base driven tasks.
    “I want to make the pic nic bench bounce onto screen, I want to light it one fire, then I want to get the stock reports from these companies and display it on the surface of the scorched image of the pic nic bench.”
    To me, who wins this race, will be the application that can do all the things that both companies are saying they can do but do it in a way that doesn’t Suck, that has Stellar Error checking, and that can reach the most amount of people.
    You guys I love Flash but I challenge any Action Script Guru to work with Visual Studio 2005’s C# for 1 month. Now if Silverlight will allow me to animated what I am doing dynamically in Visual Studio – Flash is screwed…


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