Google Is Buying Doubleclick for $3.1B

I think I remember reading somewhere that Microsoft should buy Doubleclick. Well, it’s too late, Google has snatched them up for a cool $3.1B.
We’re getting to a pretty scary place folks. If we think in the context of mediums, there’s radio, TV, print and then there’s…Google. I don’t have stats in front of me, but I’m guessing that Yahoo and Microsoft are in the single-digit percentages as far as share of market goes. And with this purchase, Google reaches out even further into online advertising. Doubleclick is in a lot of places.
There were rumors flying recently that Microsoft was in talks with Doubleclick. I’m sure this deal is as much about keeping Microsoft’s grubby hands off of Doubleclick as it is about Google wanting to purchase them.
The New York Times has more here.

2 Comments Google Is Buying Doubleclick for $3.1B

  1. felix

    Google are smart to use their ridiculously high stock market evaluation (i.e. cash) to buy-out anyone they see as competition (youtube, doubleclick). This way they can stay in front.
    (BTW – what happened to your favicon?)

  2. Tim

    re: the other mediums – Google has a significant % of radio ad spend (by purchasing dmarc and via their own growth), has print offerings and just announced deals to offer satellite TV-placed ads. And I’d guess they will be moving aggressively and further into all of these fronts… so perhaps one could already say that Google is the advertising medium!


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