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For the less informed, I’m a partner at Arc90. We’re a New York City-based design and technology consulting firm that is laser-focused on doing cutting/bleedling/leading-edge work in the realm of rich web applications.
We’re a small group to date – 24 people – but we’re modestly and methodically growing to build the best possible group of technologists, interface designers and software developers.
I’ve worked in many places over that past 14 years. Big honkin’ banks. Rabidly growing Internet start-ups. University research groups. I can say without hesitation that this is the smartest and most dynamic group I’ve ever worked with. It’s a fun, dynamic environment where people are always challenging each other and introducing new ideas and approaches.
You probably guessed by the headline that we’re looking to hire. We are. In fact, we’re always looking for good people who are passionate about technology to join the team. Of late, we’ve been on the hunt for a few people that could help fill some gaps:

  • Quality Assurance Lead
  • Interaction Designer/Graphic Designer
  • Flash/Flex Developer

If you fall within any of the above and are:

  • bored
  • feel unfulfilled (as in “professionally”)
  • need a change
  • are curious as to why New York City is the greatest city in the world
  • are interested to work with a great group of people in an open, loose environment

…then by all means, get in touch with us. Send along your resume or just email me with some background on yourself. To be clear, we really aren’t looking for people to fit exact positions at Arc90. We’re looking for smart, intellectually curious people that love technology. If you fit that criteria, we’d love to hear from you. We’re open to various employment possibilities from consulting/contract-based to full-time.
If you’re interested, email me directly at

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  1. Rachel

    Ok, if someone doesn’t understand why NYC is the greatest city in the world, they don’t deserve to live there, damnit!
    And maybe someday the Arc90 empire will have a West Coast Office of Operations…yes? yes? Or…maybe not. :)


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