Can I Greasemonkey My Life?

images In yesterday’s post, I pointed to a collection of photos of urban settings without the logos. I found them to be wonderfully soothing. In response, Rachel Murray pointed out the art of Matt Siber. His work is pretty interesting as well (and also kinda soothing). He manipulates photos so that logos float in space. It creates a pretty bizarre effect.

So this got me thinking about…Greasemonkey. What’s Greasemonkey? It’s the venerable Firefox add-on that lets you load in all sorts of user-created scripts that end up manipulating/mangling/scraping clean web pages after they’ve landed in your browser. Greasemonkey is used for all sorts of things, but one of its most popular uses is to remove ads and banners from web pages. There are ad remover scripts for just about every popular site.

There’s value in getting rid of stuff. As the bombardment on our poor little senses continues to get louder, I’d pay good money to shut things off. Really. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to filter out ads from radio programs? Or shut off the news tickers on the cable news channels? Or turn off the ads behind home plate (also known as the Homeplate Rational)?

Of course, this is all easier said than done. Greasemonkey only works on web pages. We need a Greasemonkey for television, radio and billboard ads. Of course, this is a pipe dream. WIth Google’s success around contextual ads, we’re headed in the other direction. Backlash anyone?

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