Is 2nd "Basement" Result On Google – Cool(?)

I was digging through the often enjoyable /Message and found a post where Stowe Boyd (proprietor of /Message) searched the word “message” on Google and found that his blog came in 9th. Not too shabby. Wikipedia came out on top (as is often the case).

So I decided to give “basement” a whirl and oddly enough, as of this post, it comes in second:


This is kind of exciting…or it isn’t, depending on how you look at it. I see two possible explanations:

  1. is truly a first-class destination for the more cerebral among us interested in design, technology culture and emerging Internet trends.
  2. I’m competing with web sites that are about basements and cellars – not exactly a hot topic on the Internet these days (or any days for that matter).

I’m going to go with reason #1.

7 Comments Is 2nd "Basement" Result On Google – Cool(?)

  1. Richard Leggett

    That’s pretty cool. Google absolutely loves blogs. Right now I seem to be coming in at the 8th entry for “Richard”, just in front of “Sir Cliff Richard” but behind “Richard Dawkins”. Gotta love their ranking tech.

  2. Chris Dary

    Actually, if I sign out of my google account (meaning that google’s personalized search doesn’t activate), comes in first.
    I find that google has a huge sway towards wikipedia for me – I’m always clicking those links.

  3. Tom D.

    And, hey, is second in the Google rankings when you search for “Ziade,” edging out the “pioneer of Oriental feminism,” May Ziade (1886 – 1941).

  4. lekin

    and yes, as Ben says, the fact that your URL exactly matches your ‘basement’ request, that indeed affects your placement on Google results… that’s even one of the major factors


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