Lookin’ For The Coolest Job On Earth?

Are you a smart/curious/passionate/intelligent individual looking for a cool environment? Are you content, yet not really challenged with your current job? Then Arc90 is the place for you!
Yeh I know, I’m ridiculously biased since I”m a partner at Arc90, but still, Arc90 is a damn cool place to work. It’s a loose, dynamic and energetic environment that encourages creative thinking and the occasional venture out into untrodden territory. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Web Developer Guy (or Girl). Enjoy playing with and gettin’ good at technologies like Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR, Actionscript, Ajax, Java, Coldfusion, PHP and other Internet-related technologies.
  • Experience Designer Engage clients. Solve problems. Draft storyboards. Create illustrations. Establish look & feel. See your creations light as the ultra-talented architects at Arc90 get hold of them and do their thing.
  • Front-End Web Production If you’re a freak about CSS, standards-based design, browser compliance and the like, then definitely send along your resume. We’re looking for strong front-end production people as well.

At Arc90, we try to encourage an environment that nurtures and rewards out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving. To get a feel for us, take a look at our lab (where ideas run a muck) and our blog (where Arc90’ers run a muck). If you’re hankerin’ to get out of the cubicle and get your brain moving in all sorts of directions, contact me.
If any of the above seem enticing, send along your resume, and if you have a portfolio and/or blog to rich@arc90.com. We’re based in New York City but don’t let that discourage you, if its the right fit, we’ll help make it happen.

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