About two months ago, I debuted with an introduction to a new style of blogging: sketchcasting. Sketchcasting is essentially podcasting with a whitebaord. Draw, talk and describe some stuff while you draw. It’s a neat, and in some cases, more effective way of conveying ideas and concepts. It was also released as an Arc90 Lab Experment.

There was one problem with sketchasting: it’s pretty hard to sketchcast. It require a set of tools and and a level of tech-savvy-ness that a lot of people don’t have. I took a crack at showing people how to sketchcast, but I think that served as more of a reality hit of how much work it actually takes to start sketchcasting easily., a really neat Flash-based web app that lets you record your sketches and share them or post them Youtube-style. Very, very cool and well executed. The debut of was actually covered by Techcrunch today.

It’s pretty exciting to see an idea take hold and watch others build something cool around it. Best of luck to the team behind They’ve built a really accessible tool for the masses.

Now let’s see what the masses come up with!


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