Awesome Person Wanted you enjoy solving design problems? Do you enjoy interacting with others to learn about, probe, investigate, experiment with, and finally create awesome, game-changing, paradigm-shifting, knee-buckling user experiences that make others sob with joy (and a tinge of envy)? Do you want to see your ideas, concepts and creations come to life once you share your blueprints with a best-of-class team of architects and technologists?

If you found yourself screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” with each “Yes!” louder than the last, then we need to talk to you (“we” being Arc90; our lab is here; our blog is here). We’re looking for a (or two) talented information/experience/interface architects/designers/experts to join the team.

In short, we’re looking to arm someone with a mandate to create experiences that blow people’s minds on a regular basis.

We’re based in New York City, USA. If you think you’ve got the proverbial goods, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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