Paste Magazine Subscription : $1.00

Paste Magazine, a cool magazine focused on alternative culture (film, music, etc.) is available via one year subscription for US$1.00 (which is like $1.50 $.50 Canadian these days). Just go here and put in the amount you want to pay (a la Radiohead). (via the cheap bastards at Slickdeals).

3 Comments Paste Magazine Subscription : $1.00

  1. Ryan

    Thanks for the tip! I still have a Paste sampler CD from the newstand that I listen to regularly. But $1 US is most definitely not $1.50 Canadian. Unless you were making a joke about the devaluation of the US dollar, in which case I think you switched your numbers around.

  2. Rich Ziade

    I was making a joke and I actually got it all wrong (which rendered it not funny). I mean to say $.50 Canadian…meaning the USD is in the crapper right now.
    That’s the last time I make a joke based on foreign currency markets. :P


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