Your Free Multi-Million Dollar Idea For Today

We all SMS these days. Either we’re thumbing away on a smartphone with the little Chiclet keyboard or we’re T9ing ourselves to death on a conventional mobile phone. Also, we’re often near a computer during the work day. We stop working, leave our big finger-sized keyboard and go over to our phone and thumb away. It’s dumb.

Just about every phone today has Bluetooth. There are also numerous keyboards out there that work/connect via Bluetooth. So the question begs to be asked:

Why hasn’t anybody come out with a keyboard with a little toggle switch: in one setting, it lets me type into my phone via Bluetooth; in another setting it’s in standard, PC input mode.

It makes a lot of frickin’ sense and I’d easily pay $100 for it. So come on Logitech? Microsoft? Anyone?

Note, if anyone thinks this is a good idea and has the means to make it a reality, then by all means go ahead. Just send me a free keyboard when you’re done.

6 Comments Your Free Multi-Million Dollar Idea For Today

  1. necrodome

    You don’t need extra hardware for that. I am using ubuntu /gnome and there is a program called PhoneManager which i use to send sms from my computer with my paired Nokia.
    so your problem can be solved with software if your phone supports it. The only disadvantage is that i have to keep my phone’s bluetooth on constantly which draws battery badly.

  2. Rich Ziade

    Wow, I didn’t know some Nokia’s did that. Pretty cool. Yeh, I didn’t think too hard about the Bluetooth battery-draining issue. Very often though, your phone is docked and charging near your PC anyway.

  3. bbushman

    Also, Apple’s address book provided that kind of support with some bluetooth phones. I had built in integration with both my Sony-Ericsson t68i and t610 T637 long before such interactions were the norm. In addition to address and calendar syncing, Address Book on Mac OS X allowed out of the box:
    – Auto-dialing of address book entries
    – on-screen notification of calls, with the option to dismiss or take the call
    – Sending of SMS’s to any contact right from my computer over bluetooth to the phone.
    Also, address book contacts logged missed calls during connection.
    Alas, no such integration worked with my Nokia T63 and iPhone smartphones, and due to their shoddy bluetooth implementations, most bluetooth enabled Moto-phones of similar age to my second SE phone couldn’t do any of this.
    As to your idea: the keyboard trick could be cool, but especially having used Apple’s first attempt, I think software is a MUCH better way to go with this than hacking a keyboard.


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