8 Reasons To Work At Arc90

Yeh I know, I was complaining about lists just last week, and now I’ve come up with a list of my own. But this list is different I swear. First off, it’s short. Real short. And second, it’s awesome. It’s a really amazing list.

We’re looking for some talent to join the ranks at Arc90. We’re looking for web-centric design and development talent of all sorts. Specifically, if you’re a strong web guy (or gal) and enjoy building applications with rapid development platforms like PHP and Coldfusion. If you appreciate (or violently defend) standards-based technologies like XHTML, CSS. If the smooth-as-silk interface experience of dynamic Web applications powered by AJAX and the likes of JQuery makes you giddy, then read on! Here are a fistful of reasons you’ll want to work at Arc90:

  1. kid We don’t care much about experience or 4 (or 5 or 6) page resumes. We’re looking for smart, curious people that are passionate about technology.
  2. tieman We lack a dress code. We let the social dynamics (read: insults and outcasting) drive how people dress.
  3. images-5 We’re not religious about particular technologies. We just want to build beautifully designed, compelling experiences that deliver real value. Technology is our bitch. It’s just a means to an end.
  4. images-5 We lack core hours. “What the hell are you still doing here?!” and “You should probably go home and shower.” are commonly heard.
  5. images-5We’re in New York City. The greatest city in the world. Where else can you find over 20,000 pizzerias ranging in price from $10 to $1,000?
  6. images-5 We allot part of your time to do non-client work. Go ahead, hack together that idea you’ve been psyched about. It may even end up on the Arc90 lab!
  7. realmario We have a Wii room (yes a room dedicated to the Nintendo Wii).
  8. images-5 We already have awesome people working at Arc90 that are open to sharing and brainstorming approaches and ideas. It’s a dynamic, highly collaborative environment that doesn’t wall people off from one another.

logo-1 If the above strikes a chord and you’re looking to mix things up a bit and advance, or if you have some questions about us, be sure to drop me a line (I’m one of the partners at Arc90, so I’ve got some serious pull).

4 Comments 8 Reasons To Work At Arc90

  1. Suffian

    You guys have a Wii room. That’s nuts! I’d send my resume, but I since I can barely afford a plane ticket to New York, can we do the interview on Facebook? =P

  2. trade forex

    okok, so you said that it was short. Real short. And second, it’s awesome. It’s a really amazing list. I find it quite informative. If there make some ammends as suffian said that could we did interview on face book hmmm, then it will make the difference for sure.


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