Asha Veza : Using Design For A Great Cause

imageI wanted to share a great story of using design for good. There’s a little shop in Brooklyn’s Park Slope called Asha Veza. Asha Veza (the name combines the words "hope" in Hindi, and "connection" in Bosnian) sells women’s clothing but with a twist: all of the apparel is created by women surviving and at risk of trafficking or sexual exploitation in Calcutta and Bosnia. 100% of Asha Veza profits go to create sustainable economic opportunities for women with few options and little hope.

I’ve been to the shop myself and the clothing is both unique and really beautiful. The care and craftsmanship that goes into the blouses, jackets, scarves is truly exceptional. Asha Veza is the brainchild of Shanti Crawford, a field worker who was born in India. She also designs many of the garments sold at the shop.

Asha Veza is located at: 69 5th Avenue (between Prospect Place and St. Marks), Brooklyn, NY 11217. Their telephone is (718) 783-2742. The shop is a short walk away from the Atlantic Ave/Pacific Street station in Brooklyn. If you’re looking for a truly unique gift for someone, be sure to check out Asha Veza.

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  1. Caroline

    The store is beautiful, filled with beautiful things. When the manager told me about the store’s mission, I had to buy a coat that was a little out of my price range. Luckily the coat is beautiful, and I will feel good wearing it for years to come. Everyone should visit this store – and buy lots of things!


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