A Message From The Coach’s Office

Arc90’s Tim Meaney put up a great blog post today directly addressed to the developers of the world on behalf of all the project leads an product managers. It’s well worth reading in its entirety, but I’ll include a choice quote here:

So what’s all this about? What do I want from you? Mostly, I’d like a little empathy next time I ask you a question about how you’re implementing something. Not only do I need to understand this stuff in order to champion it, to articulate it and to test it, I’m simply just curious about it.. Remember, it’s our software you’re building. Pull me into your world, talk me through your decisions, do a code walk-through with me – you’ll be surprised how much I understand. I sometimes even have killer implementation ideas, as I bring a different perspective from yours.

The lack of control and insight not only can lead to anxiety and uncertainty for those outside of the development bubble. From my experience, when that bubble exists and is impermeable, the outcome is a less-than-ideal product.

There is no more powerful driver than when all the actors lock in and see one another. From developers to product managers to quality assurance, when they see into each other’s world and see the same vision, you’ll consistently get better product.

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  1. Zul

    That’s a pretty good read.
    Yeah, coders should work hand-in-hand with the managers. What the developers see could be quite different than what a ‘normal’ person sees..


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