Ok. Time To Reboot Your Life : Happy New Year!

Ok I’m admittedly a little late on this one…

Times Square I hope everyone had a happy, relaxing and safe holiday and a great 2007-was-ok-but-let’s-really-blow-the-doors-off-their-hinges-2008 new year. It’s a new year and people love to reboot around this time. Let’s clean things up, wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

With luck, 2008 will hopefully bring some interesting and thought-provoking ideas from basement.org. At least that’s the plan. One of the most challenging things I face with writing is to somehow continue to come up with fresh ideas that challenge old ones. I’ll admit it got a little tougher in 2007.

But hey, that was 2007. It’s now not 2007. It’s a whole other thing! So let’s see what ’08 has in store. So it should be good. Hell, it has to be good.

Oh, and keep a close eye on the kids at Arc90 (between both the blog and lab). We’re cooking up some nice surprises for the upcoming year.

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