Shed The Extra Weight With JSON!

At Arc90, we’re all about XML. It’s smart, flexible and runs circles around that two-dimensional database table nonsense. Still, XML can be a bit, how shall I say, verbose for some tasks. Enter JSON (aka Javascript Object Notation). It’s got the flexibility of XML without all that bracket and CDATA nonsense.

before-afterYes, it’s a slimmer, more svelte way to carry data around. To illustrate, the photo on the left is after a steady diet of XML. After moving onto a steady JSON diet, look how much slimmer (and happier!) they’ve become. No, it doesn’t get any dorkier than this.

While few would doubt JSON’s virtues, it hasn’t seen many tools come around to help spread the gospel…until now. Fellow Arc90er Chris Dary has put together JSONLint. It’s a dead simple way to test out and validate your JSON strings. You can learn a bit more about JSON Lint and other fun toys for the entire family at Arc90 lab.

Enjoy! And if you’ve got questions, or can’t contain your glowing compliments, feel free to let Chris know.

Oh…and be sure to send us your before-and-after photos!

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